School Sponsor

Ohio Construction Academy [OCA], a tuition free construction high school that provides hands-on job skills training and education, builds a culture of safety and pride by teaching both life and job skills training in the construction trades. OCA provides a blended learning experience, combining the traditional classroom, hands-on and online learning.

OCA is the only construction high school in America that is backed by a construction trade association which provides a direct link to construction industry employers through its partnerships. Students, both male and female, study various areas of the construction trade that allows them several paths after graduation – college, apprenticeship, or right into the job market. Students are able to earn industry-recognized certifications, including OSHA-30 and First Aid.
— Ohio Construction Academy is proudly sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education.

For more information on their sponsorship, please visit the
Ohio Department of Education’s Office of School Sponsorship website at this link.